Hand Winch Brake


Hand Winch Brake

Hand Winch Brake

hand winch brake

hand winch brake can be used for self-rescue in harsh environments such as muddy mountain roads, and may perform obstacle clearance, dragging items, manual winch installation facilities, etc. under other conditions. , Border winches, manual winches, fire safety and other indispensable safety devices for outdoor sports.

Technical Parameters:


1.Security. It has an automatic brake device. When the winch wire rope lifts the cargo and the winch drum remains stationary, the brake employment will automatically open, which makes the operation more humane and safer. 

2. Convenience. Its second biggest advantage is that it is easy to carry. It is another excellent choice outside the car winch when various rescue work is needed. It can be connected from any direction of the car, and is light and strong.

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